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The XList Exclusive Membership Club is limited to 505 members and offers many prizes and bonuses.

Membership includes a range of bonuses based on the amount of XList held in your Xumm wallet, NFTs held and your position in the Totem Pole Tiers. There are lots of opportunities to participate in ongoing contests with a chance to win additional prizes plus a monthly lotto draw at the end of each month with even more prizes. Check out and subscribe to our events calendar for all the exciting events that you will not want to miss out on.

Join the new Exclusive XList Members Club!

Joining the Exclusive XList Members Club is easy and only costs £18.75 for a lifetime membership. Membership can be purchased from the XList Shop. Find out more information about the benefits of XList by joining the XList Discord and Telegram channels where you can chat live with other members of the XList Community and the XList Team.

I’m in, sign me up!