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XList Bonuses

XList Holders & Exclusive XList Members Planner

Click this page to view all the dates/periods of the main monthly XList Bonuses and Events. Additional bonuses, giveaways or events will be announced as and when required. 

XList Holders Monthly Bonuses

XList holders with 2000 or more XList will receive bonuses from an XList Bonus Pool & a VGC Bonus Pool every month.

A snapshot of XList Trustline accounts will be taken around 7th of each month then XList will be distributed after the snapshot.

Total XList Bonus Pool per month: 400,000 XList

Total VGC Bonus Pool per month: 400,000 VGC

The above pools are split between XList Members and XList non-members as follows:

XList Members Pool per month: 360,000 XList & 360,000 VGC

XList non-members Pool per month: 40,000 XList & 40,000 VGC

Each XList holder will get a percentage of each pool proportional to their holdings.

Exclusive XList Membership Totem Pole Tier & XUT Tier Monthly Bonuses & Prizes

Join the Exclusive XList Members Club and you can receive additional monthly bonuses & prizes based on how much XList you hold and which Totem Pole Tier and which XUT Tier you are in.

Viking God XRPL NFT Collection Bonuses

XList launched the Nordin the Viking God NFT collection on 15th August 2022 and were designed by Leigh Kennedy.

The collection consists of collectable NFT cards with 6 Viking God tiers. The tiers from rarest to most common are listed below:

XList holders with 2000 or more XList who own one or more NFTs will qualify for an additional monthly bonus. The table below shows how much points each NFT is worth.

NOTE: If the table is cut, please scroll from left to right to view the content.
Collectible NFT Cards TierNFT Price GBPXList Holder (Exclusive XList Member)
Monthly Bonus Points
6 – Odin£70015
5 – Thor£50010
4 – Loki£3355
3 – Freya£2504
2 – Týr£2043
1 – Nordin£1342

NFT holders receive a share of two monthly Bonus Pools proportional to how much total points they have (holding more NFTs gives a holder more points and a larger share of the pool).

Viking God XRPL NFT Bonus Pool increased to 675,000 XList from March 2023 and will run through till October 2023

Viking God XRPL NFT Bonus Pool will switch back to 350,000 XList from November 2023 onwards

An additional Bonus Pool of 675,000 VGC has been added and starts on 21st May 2023.

Bonuses for NFT owners will be distributed on or around the 21st of each month.

Viking God NFTs can be purchased from the XList Store.

The Viking God NFTs are also available to view or buy on XList’s Sologenic NFT Marketplace.

Burn Hold & Earn

The Burn Hold & Earn program offers rewards to Exclusive XList Membership holders only.


A snapshot of all Exclusive XList Members XUMM wallets will be taken around 11am GMT 19th June 2023 and only Exclusive XList Members holding 20000 or more XList at the time of the snapshot are eligible to participate.

The list of wallets that can participate in the burn will be published on the BHE Snapshot page around 12pm GMT 19th June 2023.

Only Exclusive XList Members wallets that are listed on the BHE Snapshot page can participate

The maximum a holder can send is 4% of their XList balance in their Xumm Wallet. Only one entry is allowed per wallet. Do not send more as 4%!

Example. Holder has 100,000 XList so they may send a maximum of 4,000 XList. In this example they will receive a maximum of 1.2 times the amount sent, i.e. 4,800 XList.

Burn Period for holders will run from 12pm GMT 19th June 2023 to 12pm GMT 22nd June 2023.

Do not send any XList before or after the Burn period!

To Participate:

1.  Check that your Xumm wallet address is listed on the BHE-Snapshot page before you burn.

If it is not on the list then do not burn.

2.  A maximum of 4% of the exclusive XList Member balance should be sent to the XList BHE Wallet:


3.  Complete and submit the BHE Form.

4.  We will send back 1.2 times the amount of XList that was sent to our XList BHE wallet. We will burn all the XList in the BHE account at the end of the BHE period. Return payments will be sent within 24 hours.

XListUnicorn (XUT) Liquidity Pool Monthly XList & VGC Bonuses

Exclusive XList Members who have added liquidity to the Tinyman XUT-ALGO pool and hold XUT tokens in their wallet get XListUnicorn Points. XListUnicorn Points can be viewed on the XUT and XUT-ALGO Balances page and is calculated as follows:

(XUT Wallet Balance) x (XUT-ALGO V2 LP Balance + Optional PEPE-XUT V2 LP Balance/24) = XListUnicorn Points

A pool of 1,000,000 XList is shared proportionally between Exclusive XList Members based on how much XListUnicorn Points they have every month. Anyone with zero XListUnicorn Points do not qualify for the bonus.

A pool of 1,000,000 VGC is also be shared proportionally between Exclusive XList Members based on how much XListUnicorn Points they have every month.

The XUT Liquidity Pool Bonuses are paid on or around the 22nd of each month.

XUT can be purchased on Vestige using Algo.

XUT & ALGO can be added on the XUT-ALGO V2 Pool on Tinyman.

PEPE & XUT can be added on the PEPE-XUT V2 Pool on Tinyman.

There is no form to complete to participate in the XUT Liquidity Pool Monthly XList Bonuses. If you are an Exclusive XList Member and your Algo wallet address is on the XUT and XUT-ALGO Balances page with one or more XListUnicorn Points then you will be eligible to receive a share of the XLIST & VGC pools.

A minimum balance of 2000 XList is also necessary to qualify for this bonus.

Anyone who adds liquidity of two or more LP XUT/ALGO tokens will also receive XUT daily rewards at 100% APY from the Algo Faucet.

Monthly XUT Suit Vault Lotto

XUT Suit Vault Lotto Prize Draw launched in collaboration with Bibliomp.

Next Draw: 16th June 2023

$XUT holders can win a Vestige Vault every month which holds 182,000 $XUT Tokens. The winner of the vault will be the only person that can redeem XUT from the vault.



Hold 30k XUT minimum & one or more of the NFTs mentioned below to enter the Lotto draw each month.

Exclusive XList Membership NFT

XList – XRP Bags NFT mp3 (audio)

XList – XRP Bags NFTs mp4 (video)

XListUnicorn XUT Coin

Viking Gods Valhalla Collection

The Psychedelic Madhorns Collection

XList Unicorn Special Editions

Viking Gods Treasure Collection

Viking God Coins

XList Viking Gods Algorand Package Collection

XList Totem Poles

whimsical bibliomps of biblioranus

vintage postcards of religious beliefs

xut suit shuffle act 1

xut suit shuffle act 2

XUT Suit Fusions 

The draw is randomly picked on or around 16th of each month.

One XUT Vault containing 182,000 XUT tokens will be won will every month. Vault unlocks tokens weekly over 1 year.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

XUT NFT Monthly Raffle

NEXT Draw: 19th June 2023

The XUT NFT Monthly Raffle offers a chance to win ALGO prizes every month. Participants who purchase any of the XList NFTs on AlgoGems and will automatically gain entry into all future monthly XUT NFT Monthly Raffle draws, as well as the XUT Suit Vault Lotto with a chance to win a Vestige Vault containing 182k XUT tokens (3500 XUT redeemable every week for one year). Each NFT also provides 10 XUT daily rewards from the Algo Faucet.

Buy XUT Raffle NFTs from Algogems

50% of all sales will be allocated to the monthly Prize Pot (maximum per month is 12500 Algo). The Prizes are shown below however if all tickets are not sold then prizes will be based on percentage of the Prize Pot:

  • 1st Prize: 6250 Algo (50%)
  • 2nd Prize: 33750 Algo (30%)
  • 3rd Prize: 1250 Algo (10%)
  • 4th Prize: 625 Algo (5%)
  • 5th Prize: 625 Algo (5%)

Additionally, 50% of sales (maximum 12500 Algo) will be used for a XUT token buyback, adding liquidity to the XUT-ALGO Liquidity Pool on Tinyman and to the XList Vote Prize Pot. If all tickets are not sold, the prize amounts will be based on the percentage of the sales.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in this exciting opportunity!

XListUnicorn Token Monthly Raffle

XListUnicorn Token Monthly Raffle offers a chance to win prizes in XUT tokens every month. 1000 NFTs are available to buy now at AlgoGems

Next Draw takes place on 26th April 2023

100% of all sales will be allocated to the monthly Prize Pot (maximum prize pot per month is 100000 XUT). The Prizes are shown below however if all tickets are not sold then prizes will be based on percentage of the Prize Pot:

  • 1st Prize: 50000 XUT (50%)
  • 2nd Prize: 25000 XUT (25%)
  • 3rd Prize: 10000 XUT (10%)
  • 4th Prize: 5000 XUT (5%)
  • 5th Prize: 5 x 2000 XUT (10%)

Don’t miss your chance to participate in this exciting opportunity!