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Join the Exclusive XList Membership Club to unlock access to a wealth of rewards and incentives, all while becoming a part of an exclusive community of like-minded individuals.

Benefits of being an Exclusive XList Member

  • Monthly bonuses.
  • Monthly Exclusive XList Members Lotto with amazing prizes.

Exclusive XList Members Club has two different Tiered rewards systems. The Totem Pole Tiers has seven tiers. As a member, you’ll be assigned to one of the Tiers based on the amount of XList tokens & VGC tokens/10000 held in your Xumm Wallet. Members are rewarded more as they progress up the Tiers. There are always opportunities to move up the ranks. Here is a breakdown of the Totem Pole Tiers:

  • Totem Pole Tier 7 – Valhalla – 25 Members
  • Totem Pole Tier 6 – Odin – 25 Members
  • Totem Pole Tier 5 – Thor – 25 Members
  • Totem Pole Tier 4 – Loki – 25 Members
  • Totem Pole Tier 3 – Freya – 50 Members
  • Totem Pole Tier 2 – Tyr – 50 Members
  • Totem Pole Tier 1 – Nordin – Unlimited Members

(XList Balance) + (VGC Balance/10000) = Totem Pole Points

The second Tiered reward system is the XListUnicorn Tiers which offers bonuses based on which Tier the member is in and bonuses based on how much XUT is held in-wallet and how much Liquidity Pool tokens are held. Exclusive XList Members are rewarded XListUnicorn Points which is used to determine bonuses. There are seven XListUnicorn Tiers.

XListUnicorn Points are calculated as follows:

(XUT Balance) multiplied by (sum of Liquidity Pool Tokens)

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