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Exclusive XList Members Buy from the XList Shop Contest

Top five Exclusive XList Members that buy the highest value of products from the XList Shop from 29th May to 28th June 2023 will win an XList bonus. The bonus paid in XList tokens is the total combined value of all orders multiplied by the values to below. 1st – 10x 2nd – 8x 3rd – […]

Exclusive XList Members Meme Contest

Exclusive XList Members are invited to take part in the May 2023 Meme Contest by posting their best Memes on Twitter. Memes can be anything but promoting XList & VGC is favourable. Tweet should include tag #XListMeme #VGCMeme & @XListCoin. All entries must also be posted in the XList Discord Server in the totem-contests channel including […]

XList Vote

The XList Vote is an exciting opportunity for XList holders to decide which XRPL projects they support and gives opportunities to win prizes in XRP and the tokens of the projects that are featured.

XList Holders Monthly Bonuses

XList holders with 2000 or more XList will receive bonuses from an XList Bonus Pool and a VGC Bonus Pool every month. A snapshot of XList Trustline accounts will be taken around 7th of each month then XList will be distributed after the snapshot. Total XList Bonus Pool per month: 400,000 XList Total VGC Bonus […]

Exclusive XList Members Promo Contest

Exclusive XList Members are invited to take part in the June 2023 XList & VGC Promo Tweet Contest. This could be anything from promoting the XList Project, VGC Token, promoting the current or next XList Vote, getting friends to sign up to the XList Members Club, etc. Tweet should include the tag #XListPromo #VGCPromo & […]