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XList – XRPL

Stake XList on Bitrue Yield Farming.

XListUnicorn (XUT) – ALGO

Holding XListUnicorn (XUT) in-wallet offers daily rewards from the Algo Faucet
and is paid automatically.

To get daily rewards then the minimum hold is as follows:

Minimum XUT Hold In-Wallet: 30000 XUT (50% APY)

Liquidity can also be added to the XUT-ALGO V2 Liquidity Pool on Tinyman.

Minimum XUT Liquidity Providers: 2 LP XUT/ALGO (100% APY)

XUT NFT Daily Rewards

Owners of XList NFTs on the Algorand blockchain can also gain daily XUT rewards from the Algo Faucet and is paid automatically into the owners wallet.

NFT Rarity/Tiers

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XList Algorand NFT Rarity/TierXUT Daily Bonus

Search for your NFT on the XList NFTs page to find out how much XUT rewards you get paid daily from the Algo Faucet.

XList Collections that offer XUT Daily Rewards

Exclusive XList Membership NFT

XList – XRP Bags NFT (mp3 audio)

XList – XRP Bags NFTs mp4 (video)

XListUnicorn XUT Coin

Viking Gods Valhalla Collection

The Psychedelic Madhorns Collection

XList Unicorn Special Editions

Viking Gods Treasure Collection

Viking God Coins

XList Totem Poles

Bibliomp Collections that offer XUT Daily Rewards

whimsical bibliomps of biblioranus

vintage postcards of religious beliefs

xut suit shuffle act 1

xut suit shuffle act 2

XUT Suit Fusions