XList Totem Pole

The XList Totem Pole serves as a symbol of the XList project and the communities it supports, while also preserving the history of XList Vote winners. Each month, XList holders have the opportunity to vote for their preferred projects, with the winning logos being added to the dedicated rings on the bands of the Totem Pole.

In addition to its historical significance, the XList Totem Pole also features 63 permanent advertising spaces on the wings and tail, providing an unparalleled platform for businesses, organizations, and individuals to showcase their brand and connect with their target audience. These spaces can be customized with a logo or image, along with one or more links to website URLs for easy access to additional information.

Additionally, the XList Totem Pole can also be viewed in Virtual Reality, 3D and Augmented Reality, which enhances the viewing experience and allows for a more immersive and interactive engagement with the totem pole and its advertising spaces.

Whether you’re looking to raise awareness for your community leaders, influencers, XRPL or other crypto projects, or simply want to promote your business or organization, the XList Totem Pole offers a unique and highly visible advertising opportunity. To purchase a permanent space on the XList Totem Pole, visit the XList Shop (see prices below).

Once all 63 spaces have been purchased, additional totem poles will be created to accommodate demand.

The XList Totem Pole can be viewed at Sketchfab and in the XList Hall of the Spatial Metaverse, providing unparalleled visibility for your brand or project.

We offer a variety of pricing options for permanent advertising spaces on the XList Totem Pole:

  • Projects winning a vote: Free (rings only)
  • Front Wings (26 spaces available): £169 each
  • Back Wings (30 spaces available): £124 each
  • Back Tail (7 spaces available): £124 each1

Advertising spaces can be purchased at the XList Store using over 50 cryptocurrencies, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit or debit cards. For those interested in purchasing multiple advertising spaces or the entire totem pole for their business or project, please contact us for potential discounted pricing options.

Click images below to buy a space on the front or back of the XList Totem Pole

Experience the XList Totem Pole in all its glory with our interactive, full-screen viewing option. Whether viewed on desktop or mobile, the totem pole comes to life with detailed annotations and navigational controls. For optimal viewing, be sure to access the full screen mode and utilize the help feature for navigation basics and controls. Additionally, you can toggle the “Show annotations” option to view the information and links associated with each space. Note that some mobile devices may not display annotations, so we recommend viewing in desktop mode for full functionality.

For an immersive experience, the XList Totem Pole can also be viewed in virtual reality (VR) with a headset such as the Oculus Quest, or on a mobile device using augmented reality (AR).

For more information or to purchase advertising spaces on the XList Totem Pole, please contact us at admin@xlist.one or visit the XList Shop.

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