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XList v2.0 Whitepaper is being replaced by the XList FAQs

We are replacing the outdated XList v2.0 Whitepaper with a more comprehensive resource, namely the XList FAQs. While we considered creating a v3 Whitepaper, we have determined that the traditional format is not as effective as our planned approach with the XList FAQs.

Our new resource provides users with an intuitive, dynamic, and interactive experience, allowing them to quickly and easily access the information they seek. Additionally, we will continuously update the FAQs as new information becomes available and address ongoing user needs.

The XList FAQs promises to enhance user engagement and offer a more user-friendly experience than a traditional Whitepaper. Moreover, this new feature is searchable, enabling users to find the information they need in a timely manner. If users are unable to locate what they are looking for, they may submit their queries for us to answer and subsequently update the FAQs to enhance the database. We will also welcome feedback to continually improve the XList FAQs.

We welcome everyone to join our Discord and/or Telegram and are happy to answer all your questions. Joining the Exclusive XList Members club will offer you the best benefits and allow you to be part of one of the most exciting & exclusive communities on the XRPL.

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  • XList Project

    XList Project

  • XList Vote

    XList Vote

  • XList Shop

    XList Shop

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    XList Tokens

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    XListUnicorn (XUT)

XList Project

XList Project
  • Is XList a registered business?

    Yes, XList Limited is a registered business and was incorporated in the UK on 12th May 2022. More information can be found on the Companies House Website.

  • Where can I find the XList Whitepaper?

    The XList Whitepaper was replaced with the new XList FAQs in April 2023.

  • What is the XList Project?

    The XList Project is a community-driven project on the XRPL that offers benefits, prizes and rewards to XList token holders. XList has three tokens, the XList token and the XUT token which offer various benefits and rewards to their holders. XList hosts the XList Vote which is an event where XList token holders can vote for their favourite XRPL projects using their XUMM wallet and win a share of the prize pots on offer.

    XList also has a Members Club which is an exclusive community of like-minded individuals, and membership is tiered based on the amount of XList tokens held in the members XUMM wallets. XList also has a shop where members can purchase various products, earn Viking Treasure points through a customer loyalty & rewards system, and give Bonus Votes during checkout for the projects that feature in the XList Vote.

    XList Ecosystem

    * indicates where the VGC token rewards will run concurrently or replace the XList rewards once the XList supply is exhausted.

  • Who is on the XList team?

    Visit About Us to find out who is on the XList team.

XList Vote

XList Vote
  • How are the Prize Pots shared in the XList Vote

    XList raises funds for the XList Vote Prize Pot.

    To vote in the XList Vote, voters pay a fee of 10 XRP. 50% of the voter fees is added to the Prize Pot, which is split into two: the Projects Prize Pot and the Voters XRP Prize Pot.

    The Projects Prize Pot is used to buy tokens of all projects that feature in the XList Vote. The tokens are purchased in proportion to the final percentage that each project receives in the XList Vote. 20% of the tokens are reserved for Exclusive XList Member Lotto Prizes, and 80% are distributed to all voters proportional to the final percentage that each project receives in the vote and proportional to how much XList is held in the voters’ XList Wallets when the tokens are distributed.

    The Voters XRP Prize Pot is distributed to all voters proportional to the final percentage that each project receives in the vote and proportional to how much XList is held in the voters’ XList Wallets when the tokens are distributed.

    The XRP tokens from the Voters Prize Pot and 80% of the tokens from the Projects Prize Pot are distributed to voters on a random day/time between 6th and 19th of the same month the vote is held.

    Voters that hold more XList proportionally to other voters on the day of the distribution receive a higher share of the prize pots.

  • What is the XList Vote?

    The XList Vote is a voting event for XList holders to support their favourite XRPL projects and win prizes. To vote, XList holders pay a fee of 10 XRP, with 50% of the fees going to the Prize Pot. The Prize Pot is split into two: the Projects Prize Pot and the Voters XRP Prize Pot. The Projects Prize Pot is used to buy tokens of the featured projects, with 80% of the tokens being distributed to voters and 20% reserved for Exclusive XList Member Lotto Prizes. The Voters XRP Prize Pot is also distributed to voters. The distribution of the prize pots is proportional to the final percentage that each project receives in the vote and proportional to how much XList is held in the voters’ XList Wallets. Voters can allocate bonus votes by purchasing products from the XList Store. The XList Vote is conducted solely for the benefit of the XList Community and XList Holders. More information on the XList Vote and rules can be found at https://www.xlist.one/vote.

XList Shop

XList Shop
  • How do I earn Viking Treasure Points?

    Customers can earn Viking Treasure Points every time they purchase products through the XList Shop. Viking Treasure Points is part of the XList Loyalty & Rewards program. Points can be redeemed and converted to Discount Coupons which can be used to get discounts or free products in the shop.

    Customers move up loyalty levels as they earn more Viking Treasure Points. The higher loyalty levels offer more benefits and rewards. Make sure you look out for ongoing special offers, free products and promotional offers that XList provides. Register on the XList website, visit the shop and start earning Viking Treasure Points today!

  • What payment options can I use on the XList Shop?

    We accept Credit & Debit cards and over 50+ cryptocurrencies on the XList Shop. To pay with cryptocurrencies then choose the Coinpayments option during checkout.

XList Tokens

XList Tokens
  • What is the Valhalla Viking God Coin (VGC) Token?

    Valhalla Viking God Coin

    The Valhalla Viking God Coin (VGC) was launched on 9th May 2023 and is a Rewards & Meme token that runs on the XRPL and Ethereum networks.

    VGC Airdrops

    There were a number of promotional VGC Airdrops on the XRPL between May & July 2023. The VGC Trustline was required to be set up in the Xumm wallet to be able to receive the VGC airdrops.

    Airdrop 1 to All XLIST Holders

    12th May 2023

    • Exclusive XList Members received 2 VGC for every 1 XLIST held.
    • Non-members received 1 VGC for every 1 XLIST held.

    Airdrop 2 to XListUnicorn Points Holders

    19th May 2023

    1 VGC for every 1 XListUnicorn Point held.

    Note: Only Exclusive XList Members can gain XListUnicorn Points.

    Airdrop 3

    5th July 2023

    100 VGC was airdropped for every 1 XList held.

    Airdrop 4

    26th July 2023

    Holders of STX, BPM, Opulence, RPR, SwissTech & XOGE tokens received an airdrop of VGC.

    • STX Holders - 1 VGC per STX
    • BPM Holders - 0.05 VGC per BPM
    • Opulence Holders - 0.05 VGC per Opulence
    • RPR Holders - 5 VGC per RPR
    • SwissTech Holders - 0.5 VGC per SwissTech
    • XOGE Holders - 0.0000025 VGC per XOGE

    VGC Monthly Rewards

    XList (XRPL) Holders Monthly Bonus

    XList holders with 2000 or more XList receive a bonus from a VGC Bonus Pool every month.

    A pool of 120,000,000 is shared between Exclusive XList Members and non-members around the 7th of each month.

    The above pool is split as follows:

    Exclusive XList Membership holders Pool per month: 108,000,000 VGC

    XList non-members holders Pool per month: 12,000,000 VGC

    Each XList holder will get a percentage of each pool proportional to their XList holdings.

    VGC (XRPL) Monthly Totem Pole Tier Bonuses

    This reward is distributed around 16th of every month for Exclusive XList Members only and amount of VGC received depends on which Totem Pole Tier the member is in. View Totem Pole Tier here.

    • Totem Pole Tier 7 – 6,400,000 VGC per month
    • Totem Pole Tier 6 – 3,200,000 VGC per month
    • Totem Pole Tier 5 – 1,600,000 VGC per month
    • Totem Pole Tier 4 – 800,000 VGC per month
    • Totem Pole Tier 3 – 400,000 VGC per month
    • Totem Pole Tier 2 – 200,000 VGC per month
    • Totem Pole Tier 1 – 100,000 VGC per month

    XListUnicorn Tier Monthly Bonus

    This bonus is paid to Exclusive XList Members around the 16th of each month and is based on which XListUnicorn (XUT) Tier the member is in.

    • XUT Tier 7 – 6,400,000 VGC per month
    • XUT Tier 6 – 3,200,000 VGC per month
    • XUT Tier 5 – 1,600,000 VGC per month
    • XUT Tier 4 – 800,000 VGC per month
    • XUT Tier 3 – 400,000 VGC per month
    • XUT Tier 2 – 200,000 VGC per month
    • XUT Tier 1 – 100,000 VGC per month

    VGC rewards on the XListUnicorn Tier Monthly Bonus started on 16th May 2023.

    Viking God XRPL NFT VGC (XRPL) Monthly Bonus

    Holders of the XList Viking God NFTs on the XRPL (Solgenic NFT Marketplace) receive a share of 275,000,000 VGC based on a points system every month. This bonus is distributed around 21st of each month. See XList Bonuses page for more information.

    XListUnicorn (XUT) Liquidity Pool Monthly VGC (XRPL) Bonuses

    A pool of 150,000,000 VGC is shared between Exclusive XList Members who have added liquidity to the Tinyman XUT-ALGO pool and hold XUT tokens. This is distributed around 21st of each month and is based on how much XListUnicorn Points the member has. More information can be found on the XList Bonuses page.

    Nordin and the Maeshowe Dragon Monthly VGC Bonus

    Owners of the mesmerizing ‘Nordin and the Maeshowe Dragon’ NFT receive 10 Million VGC tokens around 22nd every month.

    Buy the ‘Nordin and the Maeshowe Dragon’ NFT at Algogems.

    Form must be submitted after purchasing the NFT to qualify for this ongoing monthly VGC Bonus.

    Owning the NFT also brings a daily gift of 100 XUT tokens from the Algo Faucet!

    Other VGC rewards

    A VGC bonus is paid to anyone who purchases any item in the XList Shop equal to 50000 x their order value. i.e., spend £50 in the shop will earn them 2,500,00 VGC tokens which will be paid to their Xumm wallet.

    VGC is also paid to voters who vote in the XList Vote. If the voters fee is 10 XRP then the voter will receive 10 XRP worth of VGC. Votes may vary so please check the vote rules during each vote for more details.

    VGC Memes

    The Valhalla Viking God Coin memes are based on the historical Viking Norse Myth about how Nordin the Viking defeated the Maeshowe Dragon:

    In ancient times, during the reign of the Vikings, it is said that a Norse mythical dragon of great power and renown, now known as the Maeshowe Dragon, once roamed the lands. This dragon was unique among its kind, possessing a treasure of immense value – the souls of powerful and respected Viking warriors who had passed on to the afterlife.

    Traditionally, when a Viking of high standing died, their body would be placed upon a Viking Longship, which was then set alight and set out to sea, accompanied by their valuable possessions. The intention was that the drifting ship would ultimately reach the gates of Valhalla, where the Viking soul would be granted safe passage to the afterlife to fight alongside the gods until the end of time. However, the Maeshowe Dragon would intercept these burning ships, claiming the souls for himself and keeping the treasures in his lair at the top of a volcano in Iceland.

    One legendary Viking warrior named Nordin, renowned for his exceptional strength, courage, and love of adventure, learned of the Maeshowe Dragon and his hoard of Viking souls and treasure. Determined to claim the treasure for himself, Nordin embarked on a perilous journey to the dragon’s lair, aided by his Vegvisir Viking runic magical compass and accompanied by his most trusted companions.

    Upon reaching the lair, Nordin and his companions were confronted by the fearsome dragon, with scales as dark as night, teeth as sharp as razors, and eyes that burned like molten lava. Despite their bravery, the dragon proved too powerful for them to defeat. However, Nordin remembered a spell passed down to him by his grandfather, which he recited and channeled through his magical Vegvisir, calming the dragon.

    The Maeshowe Dragon then revealed that it had been waiting for someone worthy enough to claim its treasure and gifted Nordin with the hoard. Among the treasures, Nordin found a small glowing orb that, upon touching, released the souls of the Viking warriors, allowing them to finally reach Valhalla.

    In that moment, Nordin was transformed, feeling the power of the dragon’s hoard flow through him and realizing that he had become something greater than a mere mortal. He saw the souls of the Viking warriors and the dragon rise into the sky to join the Gods in Valhalla, and he knew that he too had become a God.

    Nordin was celebrated throughout the land as a Viking God, worshipped for his strength, bravery, and love of adventure. He used the dragon’s hoard to help the people of Orkney and lead them to victory in battle. He also erected a shrine to the Maeshowe Dragon at the top of the volcano, vowing to protect it from anyone who sought to claim its power for themselves. As long as the shrine stood, the people of Orkney knew that they had a powerful ally in Nordin, the Viking god who had defeated the Maeshowe Dragon.

    Today, the XList Tier 7 Valhalla Totem Pole serves as a model of the shrine Nordin erected on the volcano in Iceland, containing the Vegvisir magical compass with the Valhalla symbol pointing towards the XList logo. The VGC Logo & Coin features an image of the Maeshowe Dragon on the front and the Vegvisir magical compass is on the back. The legend of Nordin and the Maeshowe Dragon continues to inspire bravery and adventure among the people of Orkney and beyond.

    VGC Tokenomics

    VGC Total Supply: 1,100,000,000,000 (1.1 Trillion)

    VGC is currently only available on the XRPL blockchain however bridging VGC between XRPL & Ethereum blockchains may be enabled at some point in the future through Wanchain.

    VGC (XRPL) Issuer Address: rwBiQxtPo7zkiSGp4PoisqN7jBwotMRh3J

    VGC Trustline: https://xrpl.services/?issuer=rwBiQxtPo7zkiSGp4PoisqN7jBwotMRh3J&currency=VGC&limit=1100000000000

    VGC (ERC20) Contract Address: 0x794b28afe37b2ba54fdcc2833ab632cfc761a24b

    Buy VGC

    Buy VGC on Sologenic (XRPL)

  • What is the XListUnicorn XUT Token?

    The XListUnicorn token, also known as XUT, is a digital token that was launched by XList on November 17, 2022, as part of the XList ecosystem. XUT runs on the Algorand blockchain network, which offers several benefits to its holders.

    The XUT asset ID is 947923645 and can be purchased by swapping your Algo on Vestige.

    We recommend using Pera Wallet to store your XUT and Algo.

    One of the significant advantages of holding XUT is the daily and monthly rewards that it offers. XUT holders and XList NFT holders receive daily rewards from the Algo Faucet, which is a unique feature provided by the Algorand network. Additionally, Exclusive XList Members are issued a Membership NFT that provides daily XUT rewards.

    The Algorand network was chosen for XUT due to the superior utility provided by the Algo Faucet, which provides amazing daily XUT rewards. XUT holders can earn daily rewards at 50% APY by holding the token in their wallets. Furthermore, they can earn daily rewards at 300% APY when they add XUT and Algo to the XUT-ALGO V2 liquidity pool.

    Holding XUT-ALGO LP tokens offers a monthly XList bonus from a pool of one million XList. Moreover, holding both XUT and XUT-ALGO V2 LP tokens offers XList holders additional benefits and XListUnicorn Points. The more XListUnicorn Points a holder has, the higher they will be placed in the XListUnicorn Tiers, which offers more rewards.

    In summary, XUT running on the Algorand blockchain offers daily and monthly rewards to its holders through the Algo Faucet, and holding XUT-ALGO LP tokens and XUT provides additional benefits and rewards.

  • What is the XList Token?

    XList launched the XList token on the XRPL network on 15th April 2022. Holding XList tokens in your XUMM wallet allows you to vote in the XList Votes and earn a range of monthly bonuses. Holding more XList gives higher bonuses and a higher share of the Prize Pots offered to voters in the XList Vote. Exclusive XList Members that have higher XList balances are placed in higher Totem Pole Tiers which offers higher bonuses and more voting rights in the XList Top 10 Member Votes.

    The XList Trustline can be added to your XUMM Wallet by clicking here.

XListUnicorn (XUT)

XListUnicorn (XUT)
  • How do I get XListUnicorn Points

    XListUnicorn Points can only be earned by Exclusive XList Members who hold the following two tokens at a minimum:

    Additional LP tokens if held contribute to the amount of XListUnicorn Points you can get.

    The XListUnicorn Points is calculated as follows:

    (XUT Tokens Wallet Balance) x (Sum of Liquidity Pool Tokens Balances)

    The more XListUnicorn Points you have, the more monthly XList & VGC bonuses you will receive.

    Visit the XListUnicorn Tiers Balances page to find out how much XListUnicorn Points you have.

    Holding XUT tokens in-wallet also currently offers good daily XUT rewards with good APY rates from the Algo Faucet.

    Holding XUT-ALGO V2 Liquidity Pool tokens also offers daily XUT rewards with good APY rates from the Algo Faucet.

    See https://xlist.one/bonuses/staking/ for information on APYs.

    Note: More liquidity pools may be added in the future

    Swap Algo to XUT on Vestige.

    Visit Tinyman website to add liquidity to the XUT-ALGO & PEPE-XUT Liquidity Pools.