XList Buyback
& Burn Auction

Once the auction period is complete, XList will review all bids and contact successful sellers via Discord or Telegram to arrange the buyback. Sellers must respond by 12pm GMT 9th April 2023 otherwise their bid will not be accepted. All tokens purchased from sellers will be burned. Any XRP left over from the XBBA will be used to market buy XList from the XRPL DEX. To participate in the auction, holders must send their XList tokens to the XList BHE wallet before receiving payment in XRP. Details will be provided.

XBBA (6th to 10th March 2023)

Value of XList bought back: 962.5 XRP

XList bought back through Auction: 41,010

XList bought back through market buy on DEX: 131,511

Total XList bought back: 172,521

Burn TX ID: