Nordin the Viking NFT – Viking God Card Odin


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XList launched the Nordin the Viking God NFT collection on 15th August 2022 and were designed by Leigh Kennedy.

The collection consists of collectable NFT cards with 6 Viking God tiers. The tiers from rarest to most common are listed below:

XList holders with 2000 or more XList who own one or more NFTs will qualify for an additional monthly bonus. The table below shows how much points each NFT is worth.

NOTE: If the table is cut, please scroll from left to right to view the content.
Collectible NFT Cards TierNFT Price GBPXList Holder (Exclusive XList Member)
Monthly Bonus Points
7 – Special Edition NFTsN/A20
6 – Odin£70015
5 – Thor£50010
4 – Loki£3355
3 – Freya£2504
2 – Týr£2043
1 – Nordin£1342


NFT holders receive a share of a monthly Bonus Pool proportional to how much total points they have (holding more NFTs gives a holder more points and a larger share of the pool).

Viking God XRPL NFT Bonus Pool increased to 675,000 XList from March 2023 and will run through till October 2023

Viking God XRPL NFT Bonus Pool will switch back to 350,000 XList from November 2023 onwards

Bonuses for NFT owners will be distributed on a random day & time in the second two weeks of each month.


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