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XList Solidarity Fundraiser

April 7

The XList Solidarity Fundraiser is being held to raise funds for an XList Community Member (@Visitor_Eleven) who mistakenly transferred 40,000 XRP to the XList issuer account during the February 2023 XList Burn, Hold & Earn Event. The 40,000 XRP are permanently locked in the XLIST issuer account as it is blackholed.


We’re eager to assist him in rectifying this error and are calling upon the XRP community to unite in support. Simultaneously, we are taking this opportunity to significantly enhance the XList ecosystem by establishing substantial XLIST & VGC AMM pools on the XRPL network when the AMM amendment passes and is enabled.


@Visitor_Eleven made the 40,000 XRP payment to the XLIST issuer account from his account on 20th February 2023. Click the link below to view the transaction ID:




To help out, we are selling 800 billion VGC tokens at a rate of 0.0000001 XRP each. If all tokens are sold, then it will generate 80,000 XRP, which will be split into three pools: 20,000 XRP to the new XLIST AMM pool, 20,000 XRP to the new VGC AMM pool and 40,000 XRP to @Visitor_Eleven.


Allocation of funds

  • 25% to the new XList AMM pool
  • 25% to the new VGG AMM pool
  • 50% to @Visitor_Eleven


VGC tokens are available for purchase through the Xaman Wallet by simply clicking on any link provided in the table below.


NOTE: If the table is cut, please scroll from left to right to view the content.


 Cost in XRP 


 Amount of VGC Tokens Received 


 Xaman Wallet Payment Links 

25250,000,000Buy 25 XRP worth of VGC
50500,000,000Buy 50 XRP worth of VGC
1001,000,000,000Buy 100 XRP worth of VGC
2002,000,000,000Buy 200 XRP worth of VGC
3003,000,000,000Buy 300 XRP worth of VGC
4004,000,000,000Buy 400 XRP worth of VGC
5005,000,000,000Buy 500 XRP worth of VGC
6006,000,000,000Buy 600 XRP worth of VGC
7007,000,000,000Buy 700 XRP worth of VGC
8008,000,000,000Buy 800 XRP worth of VGC
9009,000,000,000Buy 900 XRP worth of VGC
100010,000,000,000Buy 1000 XRP worth of VGC


Total XRP funds raised can be viewed on our XLIST Fundraising wallet address: r4gvrdVsT1MYxbz8iz9V51nEn7WfRV8SX3


VGC tokens will be Airdropped to all buyers at the end of the XList Solidarity Fundraiser.


Please ensure you set up the VGC Trustline in your Xaman Wallet to receive your tokens.


Fundraiser Ends: 9pm GMT, Sunday 28th April 2024


Note: Fundraiser will end earlier if all 800 billion VGC are sold.


We hope the entire XRP community can extend their support and assistance, as this unfortunate incident has deeply impacted @Visitor_Eleven. Our aim is to provide as much aid as we can, while also advancing the interests of XList & VGC holders through the creation of robustly liquid AMM pools.


During the XList Solidarity Fundraiser, VGC bonuses will be temporarily halted. However, voters participating in the ongoing XList Pylon Vote until 10th March 2024 will still receive rewards, including VGC Prize Pool allocations and 10 XRP worth of VGC for each vote cast.