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This Totem Pole is part of the XList Totem Poles Algorand NFT collection which has seven NFTs.

Asset ID: 1087663033

Tiers 1 to 6 Totem Pole NFTS can be purchased on the XList Shop. Once all six are purchased and held in your Pera Wallet then you can get the Tier 7 – Valhalla Totem Pole NFT sent for free. It can also be purchased on its own here. Complete this form to claim your free Valhalla Totem Pole.

The Valhalla Totem offers the following benefits:

  • 100 XUT daily rewards from the Algo Faucet.
  • Double Totem Pole Monthly Tier Bonus.
  • Entry into the Monthly XUT Suits Vault Lotto
The Algo Asset IDs and daily XUT rewards for Tiers 1 to 7 are as follows:
Tier 1 – Nordin – 1065437925 – 10 XUT daily
Tier 2 – Tyr – 1065433396 – 20 XUT daily
Tier 3 – Freya – 1065435795 – 30 XUT daily
Tier 4 – Loki – 1065440144 – 40 XUT daily
Tier 5 – Thor – 1065443717 – 50 XUT daily
Tier 6 – Odin – 1065445240 – 60 XUT daily
Tier 7 – Valhalla – 1087663033 – 100 XUT daily

Background History

In ancient times, during the reign of the Vikings, it is said that a Norse mythical dragon of great power and renown, now known as the Maeshowe Dragon, once roamed the lands. This dragon was unique among its kind, possessing a treasure of immense value – the souls of powerful and respected Viking warriors who had passed on to the afterlife.

Traditionally, when a Viking of high standing died, their body would be placed upon a Viking Longship, which was then set alight and set out to sea, accompanied by their valuable possessions. The intention was that the drifting ship would ultimately reach the gates of Valhalla, where the Viking soul would be granted safe passage to the afterlife to fight alongside the gods until the end of time. However, the Maeshowe Dragon would intercept these burning ships, claiming the souls for himself and keeping the treasures in his lair at the top of a volcano in Iceland.

One legendary Viking warrior named Nordin, renowned for his exceptional strength, courage, and love of adventure, learned of the Maeshowe Dragon and his hoard of Viking souls and treasure. Determined to claim the treasure for himself, Nordin embarked on a perilous journey to the dragon’s lair, aided by his Vegvisir Viking runic magical compass and accompanied by his most trusted companions.

Upon reaching the lair, Nordin and his companions were confronted by the fearsome dragon, with scales as dark as night, teeth as sharp as razors, and eyes that burned like molten lava. Despite their bravery, the dragon proved too powerful for them to defeat. However, Nordin remembered a spell passed down to him by his grandfather, which he recited and channeled through his magical Vegvisir, calming the dragon.

The Maeshowe Dragon then revealed that it had been waiting for someone worthy enough to claim its treasure and gifted Nordin with the hoard. Among the treasures, Nordin found a small glowing orb that, upon touching, released the souls of the Viking warriors, allowing them to finally reach Valhalla.

In that moment, Nordin was transformed, feeling the power of the dragon’s hoard flow through him and realizing that he had become something greater than a mere mortal. He saw the souls of the Viking warriors and the dragon rise into the sky to join the Gods in Valhalla, and he knew that he too had become a God.

Nordin was celebrated throughout the land as a Viking God, worshipped for his strength, bravery, and love of adventure. He used the dragon’s hoard to help the people of Orkney and lead them to victory in battle. He also erected a shrine to the Maeshowe Dragon at the top of the volcano, vowing to protect it from anyone who sought to claim its power for themselves. As long as the shrine stood, the people of Orkney knew that they had a powerful ally in Nordin, the Viking god who had defeated the Maeshowe Dragon.

Today, the XList Tier 7 Valhalla Totem Pole serves as a model of the shrine Nordin erected on the volcano in Iceland, containing the Vegvisir magical compass with the Valhalla symbol pointing towards the XList logo. The legend of Nordin and the Maeshowe Dragon continues to inspire bravery and adventure among the people of Orkney and beyond.

The Valhalla Totem Pole was designed by Leigh Kennedy and has been minted on Algogems. Anyone who owns all six XList Totem Poles can claim the Valhalla Totem Pole for free by completing this form. The Valhalla Totem Pole offers 100 XUT daily rewards from the Algo Faucet and Exclusive XList Members who own the NFT gain double Totem Pole Monthly Tier Bonuses.


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