XList Viking Gods Algorand Package Collection

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The XList Viking Gods Algorand Package Collection contains all 11 Viking God NFTs minted on Algogems & the Algorand blockchain.

You can own the following NFTs conveniently purchased in one go.

  • Odin Special Edition – Asset ID 1071621423
  • Thor Special Edition – Asset ID 1071620792
  • Loki Special Edition – Asset ID 1071620367
  • Freya Special Edition – Asset ID 1071619844
  • Tyr Special Edition – Asset ID 1071618875
  • Odin – Asset ID 1071618076
  • Thor – Asset ID 1071617095
  • Loki – Asset ID 1071616289
  • Freya – Asset ID 1071614512
  • Tyr – Asset ID 1071613690
  • Nordin – Asset ID 1071612992

Owning all 11 NFTs offers 710 daily $XUT rewards from the Algo Faucet. Over 1 year this amounts to 259,150 XUT.

Owning the collection also gives you 11 entries into the XUT Suit Vault Lotto where you have the chance of winning a Vestige Vault with 182,000 XUT tokens every month.

These NFTs will not be sold individually and are only available in the package.

5 reviews for XList Viking Gods Algorand Package Collection

  1. Peter J#3446 (verified owner)

    Bought this nice rewarding NFT package. With the total of 30% off couldn’t resist. Again great value for money!

    • David Johnson

      Thanks Peter for the Amazing review. Enjoy the ongoing rewards and thanks for supporting XList!

  2. Mihyun Lee (verified owner)

    This is the best opportunity to buy with a 30% discount. Points can be used to buy cheaper.

    • David Johnson

      Hi Mihuyn, thanks for the 5 star review!

  3. Legalize#6061 (verified owner)

    Just order this Legendary package to complete my Xlist Collection love it!! Can’t wait for the sweet rewards. Top service 👌 Nr1

    • David Johnson

      Thanks Legalize for your support & order. Appreciate your awesome 5 star review!

  4. super zif🇱🇺#9284 (verified owner)

    I rolled into this project by communitymember Peter J and now I am hooked. Great product(s) and great returns. An absolute must have collection!

    • David Johnson

      Thanks super zif for the awesome 5 star review and your support for XList!

  5. Legalize#6061 (verified owner)

    Cool to have a another Viking Gods Algorand Package Collection, Add to my Collections and specially this time, i`m on time for the Discount!!! And like i said before Service here is Perfect!! thnx again.

    • David Johnson

      Thanks Legalize for the 5 star review. Appreciate your support.

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