Tier 7 – Valhalla Viking God Coin NFT Claim Form

This form should only be completed by anyone who owns all six Viking God Coin NFTs. Viking God Coin NTFs Tier 1 to 6 can only be received by buying any product on the XList Shop while redeeming Viking Treasure Points and using the coupons when completing checkout in an order.

If you own all six Viking God Coin NFTs (at least one from each Tier) in the table below then please complete the form below and you will receive one Valhalla Viking God Coin NFT.

Please ensure you add the following Asset ID for the Valhalla Viking God Coin to your Algo Wallet: 1097363652

NOTE: If the table is cut, please scroll from left to right to view the content.
Coin NameTierViking Treasure Points (Redeemed Coupon)Asset IDDaily XUT RewardsNumber of coins mintedNumber of coins remaining
(14th May 2023)