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XList Token


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The current store price is: £0.02 per XList

Minimum purchase is £8 (400 XList).

NOTE: The price of XList on the Store does not sync with the price of XList on the DEX or any central exchange.

XList purchased will be distributed to the Xumm wallet address that should be entered into the field above.

Voting for your favourite XRPL project participating in the XList Votes is necessary during checkout when purchasing XList Tokens. Bonus votes equal order value multiplied by 500.

XList Trustline must be set up to receive the XList tokens. Click here to set up the Trustline.

About XList

XList is a utility token that runs on the decentralized XRP Ledger (XRPL) network and holders of XList can vote for their favourite XRPL project to win big prizes in XRP in the XList Votes. Voters of the winning projects also win a share of the XRP prize pot.


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