XListUnicorn Token (XUT) – Asset ID 947923645

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Brand: XList

Store Price is £0.01 per XUT

Minimum purchase is £8 (or 800 XUT)

NOTE: The price of XListUnicorn (XUT) on the Store does not sync with the price of XUT on Vestige. https://vestige.fi/asset/947923645

Voting for your favourite XRPL project participating in the XList Votes is necessary during checkout when purchasing XList Tokens. Bonus votes equal order value multiplied by 500.

XUT purchased will be distributed to the Algo wallet address that should be entered into the field above. We recommend Pera Wallet or MyAlgo Wallet. XUT asset ID is 947923645 and should be added to your Algo wallet.

Please also add your Xumm Wallet address as there is an option to receive monthly XList bonuses if you add liquidity to the XUT ALGO liquidity Pool on Tinyman. https://app.tinyman.org/#/pool

To opt in for the monthly XList Bonuses then you must complete the Google Form. Instructions are on the form.

XList Trustline must be set up to receive the XList tokens if you opt in to receive monthly XList Bonuses when adding to the XUT ALGO liquidity pool. Click here to set up the XList Trustline.

About XListUnicorn (XUT)

XListUnicorn (XUT) is a token (asset ID 947923645) that runs on the ALGO network. It is also a rewards token and can be staked or liquidity can be added to the XUT ALGO pool to gain rewards in XList (and XUT rewards is coming soon).

For more information see the XList website at https://xlist.one. See https://xlist.one/bonuses for more information on the monthly bonuses.

3 reviews for XListUnicorn Token (XUT) – Asset ID 947923645

  1. Peter J#3446 (verified owner)

    Bought some XUT tokens. Fast response and great discount. A total of 30% off. 10% for being an exclusive xlist member and the 20% discount coupon. Also rewarded me with Viking treasure points! Great value for money!

    • David Johnson

      Thanks Peter and appreciate the kind review.

  2. John Dias (verified owner)

    Bought so.e more XUT recently and added to my bag to buy Totem Pole Tiers…easy to buy from the new XList website…got 30% discount as well…10% life long membership discount and 20% for new XList Website launch till 16 April…hurry…beats buying at full price…

    • David Johnson

      Thank you for your 5 star review and orders. Viking Treasure Points coming your way for your kind review.

  3. jpc.backman@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I buy these coins because in the store there are so good advantages comparing on swapping in the markets. Service here is very fast and I really recommend to use this when you buy XUT. Thanks. 😁

    • David Johnson

      Thanks Jan-peter for the awesome review and your orders.

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