XList – XRP Bags NFT (video) – Asset ID 1031761600

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XList – XRP Bags NFT Asset ID 1031761600.

XList theme was produced by the XRP Bag man in January 2023 for the XList Vote and Community. XRP Bags has been producing crypto content since 2018 and he also makes videos, music, music videos, tutorials, educational content, graphics and much more.

View the video on YouTube.

Check out more links, music videos and crypto content from XRP Bags at https://linktr.ee/XRPBags

The ‘XList – XRP Bags’ NFT Video has been minted on our AlgoGems profile at https://www.algogems.io/nft/1031761600

If you own the ‘XList – XRP Bags’ NFT (video) then you will automatically receive 100 XUT tokens daily from our Algo Faucet. Holding 30k XUT and the video NFT will also give you one free entry each month in the monthly XUT Suit Vault Lotto draw.

The Lotto draw is randomly picked on or around 15th of each month.

One XUT Vault containing 182,000 XUT tokens will be won will be won every month. Vault unlocks tokens weekly over a 1 year period.

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